Coronavirus (Covid-19) safety measures

12 hour cancellation for free

The current situation is in unpredictable in every sense. We understand that changing regulations might lead to cancellations at short notice. To enable a journey as flexible as possible, we provide a full refund for cancellations up to 12 hours before the scheduled start. If you need to change or cancel your transfer last minute due to COVID-19, please contact our customer service.

Travelling safely is now more important than ever. To prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus we have implemented several protective measures as recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). We have instructed and trained all our drivers to comply with the following safety measures:

  • Wearing a mask: The driver will wear a mask at all times and will ask customers to do the same (children under the age of 5 are exceptions).
  • Hand disinfection: The driver will disinfect his hands before and after each journey with an antiviral hand-sanitiser. If requested, hand-sanitiser is available to the customers as well.
  • Keeping a distance: Drivers will refrain from direct physical contact (e.g. no handshaking) and will keep a distance of 2 m outside the car. When helping with luggage, drivers will disinfect hands before doing so.
  • Air conditioning: The air conditioning will be switched on during each journey to facilitate an ongoing exchange of air. If the customer wishes, the windows will be opened.
  • Vehicle disinfection: In between two services the driver will wipe down door handles, seatbelts, armrests and other touch points with antiviral wipes. Furthermore, he will open the doors of the car for several minutes so that fresh air can get in.
  • Flexible waiting time: We understand that there might be delays at the airport because of health checks, taking of temperatur etc. Our drivers will wait for you outside the airport even if it takes you longer than usual to get through security checks.
  • Monitoring the drivers health: Each driver has a clear understanding of possible Covid-19 symptoms and is instructed to watch his health closely. If there is any sign of symptoms the driver – and everyone he has been in contact with – is asked to stay home and will immediately be tested. Positive cases will be quarantined for 14 days and the concerned vehicle will be completely sterilised.

In addition to these guidelines, the company keeps up to date with the local Covid-19 situation and will follow all local regulations closely. If you have any questions concerning the current situation in the area, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can either send us a message or call