General Terms and Conditions


ABC Taxi & Transfer KG offers services according to the following general terms and conditions and price lists, and as listed in the description of services as well. Different terms and conditions do not apply, even if ABC Taxi & Transfer KG does not explicitly negate them. Deviations from the following terms and conditions need to be accepted in written form by ABC Taxi & Transfer KG. A contract can only be made if confirmed by ABC Taxi & Transfer KG.

Scope of service

Our offers can be subject to change. Only our written confirmation of service determines the existence of a contract and the scope of the services. Subsidiary spoken agreements in person or via phone are only valid with an explicit written confirmation from us. All prices are listed in Euro. If not specifically stated otherwise, statutory VAT is included in the listed prices. No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the price lists. We do not account for printing errors.

If customers do not follow instructions, pose a threat according to road traffic regulations, or pose a threat to the safety in traffic by disturbing the driver, ABC Taxi & Transfer KG has the right to refuse the transfer service. In this case, ABC Taxi & Transfer KG will charge the full price for the transfer including the fixed price or fee per kilometer and all additional costs or special services.


Collection at the airport (airport transfer)

Any changes in the agreed time of collection need to be communicated to ABC Taxi & Transfer KG immediately, regardless of the reason for the deviation. Damages due to a lack of an immediate notification will be at the expense of the customer. The chauffeur will be waiting at the agreed pick-up time at the respective meeting point at the airport terminal or at the meeting point agreed upon in writing, with a nameplate or logo of the company (earlier or later availabilities need to be specified in the booking). The driver will be waiting up to 120 minutes without additional charges. In the booking confirmation a phone number is listed, with which the customer can reach his or her chauffeur. If there has not been any contact with the transfer passenger or customer after 120 minutes waiting time, ABC Taxi & Transfer KG is entitled to terminate the contract. The service by ABC Taxi & Transfer KG is then considered accomplished and the full price for the transfer will be charged. Further waiting times as desired by the customer will be charged according to the valid price list.


The prices include the statutory sales tax in the respective statutory amount. The prices valid on the day of the booking confirmation are effective. All-inclusive prices that are not listed in the price list can only be arranged and agreed upon in written form and are only valid for the specified date of transfer and time.

Times and distances exceeding the written contract will be charged according to the valid price list. Additional costs due to delays will be at the expense of the customer, unless ABC Taxi & Transfer KG or the chauffeur is to be blamed for the delays. In the price for the transfer the carriage of passengers with normal luggage is included; transportation of bulky luggage requires a separate agreement.

Conditions of payment

ABC Taxi & Transfer KG has the right to collect a deposit of up to 100% of the total price 24 hours before the time of transfer, for transfers that do not start in Innsbruck. To guarantee security, the specifications of a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard) need to be provided. Remaining charges have to be paid to the chauffeur at the latest. All other transfers can be paid in advance with credit card or bank transfer, or in cash (in Euro) directly to the chauffeur. If specified by the customer in the booking, it is also possible to pay the transfer price with credit card or debit card to the chauffeur. The timeliness of the payment depends on the successful transaction of the credit card debit by ABC Taxi & Transfer KG. Payments are always used to settle the oldest claim. If the customer is in default of payment, ABC Taxi & Transfer KG will charge interest at the rate of 4 percentage points above the base rate, subject to the assertion of further default damages. For the second and each further reminder € 10, – reminder fee will be charged. The customer reserves the right to prove less damage.

Cancellation and resignation

Cancellations must be made in writing (by e-mail).

For the punctuality of written cancellations, access of ABC Taxi & Transfer KG is essential.

Cancellations up to and including 24 hours before the contractually agreed start of the journey are free of charge. For cancellations ABC Taxi & Transfer KG will charge a share of the basic transfer fare as cancellation fees. This share is:

* 50 % for cancellations up to 12 hours before

* 80 % for cancellations up to 3 hours before the contractually agreed start of service

* 100 % for later cancellations and no start of journey

Expenses are charged by ABC Taxi & Transfer KG regardless of the timeliness of the cancellations, if these have already been incurred. The customer is permitted to prove that ABC Taxi & Transfer KG incurred no or less damage. ABC Taxi & Transfer KG reserves the right to rescind the contract in whole or in part, if the customer stops his payment, becomes insolvent or if due to external circumstances, it can be assumed that the services will be misused, or if the customer violates his obligation under these terms and conditions.


Duties and liabilities of the customer

The customer is obliged to notify ABC Taxi & Transfer KG promptly, if there are any changes in his or her name and his or her mobile phone number. Likewise, the customer is obliged to provide the required information about passengers, time and place of performance. If the customer omits immediate notification, he is liable for damages that would have been avoided by timely notification. The customer is obliged not to misuse the services of ABC Taxi & Transfer KG, also on behalf of the passengers, in particular

* not to disturb or hinder the completion of the service

* to cause no damage

* not to violate criminal law

* strictly obey the smoking ban in the vehicle

* not to refuse the assumption of the fare.

If a customer violates the aforementioned obligations, ABC Taxi & Transfer KG is entitled to take all necessary measures to eliminate the misuse. In case of culpable injury, the customer is liable to ABC Taxi & Transfer KG for damages.

Liability of ABC Taxi & Transfer KG

Generally, the company ABC Taxi & Transfer KG is liable according to the statutory provisions only for damages that are directly related to the company. For missed departure times ABC Taxi & Transfer KG assumes no liability. The company also categorically rejects resulting consequential and additional costs. For missed departure times (flight, train, etc.) the full fare will be charged or not refunded.

Likewise, no liability is assumed for weather-related delays, traffic jams, road construction, road closures and involuntary events by third parties. For luggage, the contents of luggage, for animals and items of any kind, electronic devices and for various goods, the company is not liable.

For damages as a result of faulty transmission of data by the customer, ABC Taxi & Transfer KG accepts no liability to the customer or passenger.

Place of performance
A-6020 Innsbruck, Fürstenweg 176

Place of jurisdiction

For the resolution of all disputes arising from this contract, the competent court at the registered office of the entrepreneur is exclusively responsible locally.


Choice of law

Austrian substantive law applies. The applicability of the UN Sales Convention is excluded. The contract language is German.

Legal validity
Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions and those of the entire legal transaction. The ineffective condition is to be replaced by one which comes closest to the ineffective condition economically.